Upcoming courses

Here you find a list of our upcoming courses. Feel free to inquire about available slots or book directly from here. If you spot a book now link next to a course it means that it is a public course. Feel free to book a seat for you on this course!

Currently, there are no public courses planned. There is always the possibility to book a private course. Choose one of our many options and ask for a quote.

Agile Testing Advanced
Expand your knowledge about Agile Testing Methodologies
and learn how to use Cucumber with existing systems.
Agile Testing Essentials
Hands-on exercises will give you the expertise you need
to automate your tests with Cucumber and RSpec.
Chef Advanced Topics
Deepen your knowledge about Chef and learn an advanced workflow.
Chef Compliance Essentials
Automate your compliance strategy with Chef Compliance.
Chef Essentials
This is the perfect basis to learn how to use Configuration Management for your services.
Chef Intermediate
With our Chef Intermediate training you`ll automate your IT infrastructure in no time!
Cloud Technologies for Managers
Learn how to leverage the cloud in your business.
DevOps Foundation
Become a hero in the world of DevOps by using Chef Configuration Management
DevOps with Jenkins, Git and Python
See the advantages of DevOps and automate manual tasks.
DevOps with Jenkins, Git and Ruby
See the advantages of DevOps and automate manual tasks.
Extending Cookbooks
Learn how to extend your Chef cookbooks.
Git Essentials
Collaborate and ship your code faster with Git.
Infrastructure Testing Essentials
Learn how to test your infrastructure and automate your daily testing tasks.
Jenkins Advanced
Use the power of containers to get rid of dependency hell in Jenkins.
Jenkins Essentials
This training will help you to automate your IT workflows with Jenkins.
OpenStack Essentials
Learn how to use OpenStack as an Infrastructure as a Service cloud environment
Python Essentials
Our Python Essentials training is a great entry point to learn the Python programming language.
Ruby Advanced
Take your Ruby knowledge to the next level and get to know all advantages of it.
Ruby Essentials
Our Ruby Essentials training is a great entry point to learn the Ruby programming language.