Serverless Computing

You don’t want to maintenance and manage your servers on your own anymore? Then serverless computing is the right thing for you!

The problem:

A server which runs 24/7 costs you a lot of money, even when this server isn’t receiving traffic. There are many problems you have to deal day after day: disk space and memory management, logging agents, security and patches, operating system updates and other traditional server management processes. With the serverless approach you can reduce operational cost by paying just for the storage of data and not for idling servers. You can design complete applications without having to manage any servers.

The solution:

With the Serverless Framework you are able to deploy centrally to AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenWhisk, Google Cloud Platform and some more. OpenFaaS on the other side is an open source serverless framework to build serverless functions which can be also embedded in a Docker container. OpenFaaS works with orchestration platforms such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes and it does not depend on runtimes for each supported language.

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