Infrastructure as Code

With Infrastructure as Code, it is possible to automate the management and provisioning of infrastructure through machine-readable definitions.

The problem:

The traditional approach of provisioning infrastructure was to file a ticket and waiting for someone else to get to it. To provision the requested infrastructure a lot of manual tasks needed to be done. Nowadays, many companies use cloud technologies and traditional servers become less relevant.

Managing hundreds of servers manually will become rapidly complex and almost impossible. The solution for this problem is Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

The solution:

Infrastructure as Code is used for managing server, storage and networking infrastructure in data centers by writing and deploying machine-readable code. There are different IaC tools available which can help to automate the deployment of infrastructure, like Terraform, Chef Infra or Ansible.

With our courses, you can be sure to receive all the knowledge necessary to introduce Infrastructure as Code in your company.

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