DevOps Bootcamp

Experience the advantages of DevOps and automate manual tasks.


Large software projects are not developed by a single person. People have to work together to create great products. Each person works on their assigned functions and checks code into a source control system. A tool like Git is usually used for this.

A continuous integration (CI) system can verify the quality and functionality of the code. CI systems, like GitLab CI, are the basis for an automated workflow and should constantly check the status of your code base.

Containers are taking the world by storm. Therefore, in this training we also put a strong focus on how to work with containers and Docker.

Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard for running containerized applications at scale. Anyone who wants to deliver applications quickly and efficiently these days cannot avoid Kubernetes.

By combining Git, GitLab CI and Kubernetes, you can make the automation of processes even more efficient. This method is called “GitOps”.

GitOps is a new way to manage Kubernetes clusters and deployments. A Git repository serves as a central location for all configurations and changes. Everything else is done automatically by connected CI/CD systems.

The course is a full 5 days. A day for each of the technologies: Git, GitLab & GitLab CI, Container and Kubernetes. As well as an extra day for combining all technologies into “GitOps”.

The core element of each course day will be hands-on exercises.

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5 Days


  • Day
    • Why use a Version Control System?
    • Introduction to Git
    • What is a repository?
    • Modifying, staging and committing changes
    • The basic Git workflow
    • Working with branches
    • Remote repositories
    • GitLab
  • Day
    • Introduction to GitLab CI
    • Pipelines & Jobs
    • GitLab Runner
    • Managing Secrets and Environments
    • Creating your own Runners with Docker
    • Builing and publishing a complex software application
    • Auto DevOps with GitLab
  • Day
    • Microservices vs. Monolith
    • 12-Factor-App
    • Docker Images
    • Containerizing Applications
    • Container Networking
    • Volumes and Persistent Data
    • Secrets
    • Docker Compose
  • Day
    • Container Orchestrators
    • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Working with Pods
    • Kubernetes Services
    • Volumes and Data
    • ConfigMaps and Secrets
    • Ingress
  • Day
    • Introduction to GitOps
    • Collaborative GitOps workflow
    • Integrate with popular CI tools
    • Deploy to Kubernetes via GitOps
    • Security and GitOps

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