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published in: Curated Link List Date: November 15, 2018

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Building real-time messaging server in Go – Alexander Emelin – Medium

This story is a write-up after my talk at goway.io about Centrifugo. Some of things here have already be mentioned in my previous posts…

Achieving concurrency in Go – Run Go – Medium

If I had to choose one great feature of Go, then it has to be in-built concurrency model. Not only it supports concurrency but makes it…

Web Service Architecture for Golang Developers – Bogdan Alexandru Militaru – Medium

Web service architecture is the first phase before building every project, it’s like you prepare to build a house and start by creating…

How to create a package in Go? – MindOrks – Medium

Hey, in this tutorial I will walk you through to create your own package by creating a small package for GoLang. Packages are like the…

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How to learn Ruby: recommended resources for beginners

Tutorials, websites, and books to learn how to write and test Ruby code

The most insightful stories about Ruby – Medium

Read stories about Ruby on Medium. Discover smart, unique perspectives on Ruby and the topics that matter most to you like ruby on rails, programming, web development, rails, and software development.

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Add guides section on verbose query logs to Debugging by olivierlacan · Pull Request #34257 · rails/rails

Since this is a useful tool in debugging it made sense to document its existence and usage, especially in the console where it's disabled by default. I also amended the Sending Messages section...

Support default expression and expression indexes for MySQL by kamipo · Pull Request #34307 · rails/rails

MySQL 8.0.13 is released a few days ago. https://mysqlserverteam.com/the-mysql-8-0-13-maintenance-release-is-generally-available/ Now we can supports default expression and expression indexes for m...

Part 4: Multi db improvements, Basic API for connection switching by eileencodes · Pull Request #34052 · rails/rails

This PR implements the basic API requirements laid out in #33877 by DHH. The PR aims to focus only on implementing the connects_to and connected_to API. For now it does not tackle any configuration...

Make Webpacker the default JavaScript compiler for Rails 6 by dhh · Pull Request #33079 · rails/rails

Make Webpacker the default Javascript compiler for Rails 6 with the following changes: Webpacker gem is installed by default and webpacker:install is run by the Rails application generator. Action...