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published in: Curated Link List Date: January 03, 2018

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Application Automation with Habitat and Kubernetes - Chef Blog

Habitat, Chef's next generation application automation framework, provides a powerful suite of integrated capabilities in service of seamlessly and continuously building, deploying, and...

Windows Container Studio

We launched a Windows Studio earlier this year that provides a "kind of" isolated environment for your Windows Habitat builds. It restricts your path to only include the Windows system root...

Habitat Integration for VSTS in the Visual Studio Marketplace - Chef Blog

We are pleased to announce the first release of Habitat Integration for Visual Studio Team Services, released to the Visual Studio Marketplace . This extension brings the power and...

Learning Habitat with the Chef Training Team - Chef Blog

Habitat is an open-source project by Chef that moves an application's configuration, management, and behavior to the application itself, not the infrastructure that the application runs on....

Habitat.sh on GitHub


core-plans - Core Habitat Plan definitions


habitat-operator - A Kubernetes operator for Habitat services

Version ordering seems to be alpha sorted and needs to following some kind of versioning comparison scheme · Issue #1090 · habitat-sh/habitat

curl -Ls https://willem.habitat.sh/v1/depot/pkgs/lamont-granquist/ruby | ruby -rjson -e 'puts JSON.pretty_generate(JSON.parse(STDIN.read))' [ { "origin": "lamont-granquist", "name": "r...


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