Infracoders Graz Meetup: Habitat

We held our third Infracoders Meetup in Graz with an awesome talk about Habitat

published in: Infracoders Meetup Date: June 27, 2017
Theresa Wallas, Marketing Manager

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The time has passed quickly and our third Infracoders Meetup in 2017 took place on the 27th of June in the Aula X Space, Graz. Although the hot temperatures outside about 15 Infracoders listened to Michael Ducy’s talk about Habitat, Containers and Orchestrators.


Theresa Wallas from the Infralovers welcomed the attendees and informed them about the Infracoders Meetup. They belong to a worldwide network, deal with Infrastructure Automation and cover technologies like Habitat, Containers, Orchestrators, Chef, Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, … Afterwards she introduced Michael Ducy, Director of Product Marketing at Chef.

Talk: “Habitat, Containers, Orchestrators”

Michael Ducy started his talk with a metaphor: “What does a Broom and a Container have in common?”

© Michael Ducy

Afterwards he reminded us, that containers aren’t virtual machines and pointed out the most common mistakes/misconceptions about containers as well as how a modern, application focused architecture could look like.

Habitat focuses on artifacts, a top down approach minimising the operating system to just the things needed to run the application.

© Michael Ducy

But what do applications need to run?

  • lifecycle events
  • environment specific configuration
  • knowledge of peers
  • knowledge of dependent services

Habitat applications can self organize which is a big advantage. Michael just named some other profits that Habitat brings to Containers:

  • build containers from the Application down
  • export containers in a variety of formats
  • automatically export containers

During his talk he did some practical examples to demonstrate what he is talking about.


Subsequently all attendees enjoyed the networking as well as the drinks and the Sushi sponsored by Infralovers.