Infracoders Graz Hands-On: Habitat

Michael Ducy, Director of Product Marketing at Chef, visited us in Graz and showed us Habitat

published in: Infracoders Meetup Date: June 27, 2017
Theresa Wallas, Marketing Manager

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Michael Ducy, Director of Product Marketing at Chef demonstrated in this hands-on session how Habitat helps to simplify the processes required to build, deploy, and manage applications and even makes containers more awesome.

As an introduction he pointed out why we run infrastructure: “We run infrastructure to run applications that the business requires.”

Afterwards he explains why building and running applications is painful and that Habitat builds and runs modern applications. But what is a modern application? It is…

  • immutable
  • agnostic to running environment
  • reduces complexity
  • enables scaling

© Michael Ducy

Habitat is a new technology to build, deploy and manage applications in any environment from traditional datacenters to containerized microservices. In Habitat, the application is the unit of automation.

After this brief introduction it was time to it was the attendees turn to do the hands-on exercise which was a National Parks Application.

© Michael Ducy

Therefor a lot of steps had to be taken:

  • starting the Supervisor
  • loading MongoDB Service
  • loading MongoDB into the Supervisor
  • starting MongoDB
  • creating a configuration file
  • changing the configuration for MongoDB
  • applying the configuration
  • starting Java Application

Michael led all of us through these steps and answered all questions during and after this valuable hands-on session.