Ruby Essentials

Our Ruby Essentials training is a great entry point to learn the Ruby programming language.

2 days

What you will learn in this training

Ruby was designed with the goal to make programming fun. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for people that are new to programming. Even though not as widely used as Java or C#, it can be found everywhere.

With Ruby as programming language you will not only know a language for the web but also for automating tasks in scripts.

Our Ruby Essentials training helps you to use Ruby as your base to build a whole Domain Specific Language (DSL). Tools you can use for this are Chef and Puppet. They are gaining more and more significance in the IT world. This leads to the fact that every developer should know at least a little Ruby.

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Course content summary

Day 1:

  • What is Ruby?
  • Setting up Ruby on your workstation
  • Writing your first Ruby program
  • Getting to know Ruby data types
  • Methods
  • Boolean logic

Day 2:

  • Control structure
  • Loops
  • Object-oriented programming with Ruby
  • Classes and Modules
  • Extending Ruby
  • Best-practices in Ruby


This training is designed for:

  • Software Developers that want to start learning Ruby
  • Software Developers that want to use BDD to avoid bugs and make code changes possible without breaking existing functionality
  • Software Developers that want to use Ruby for scripting or developing web applications



To get the most out of the training we recommend following prerequisites:

  • Linux systems on your computer
  • Knowledge of working with the shell

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