Ruby Advanced

Take your Ruby knowledge to the next level and get to know all advantages of it.

3 days

What you will learn in this training

This training builds on the knowledge of our Ruby Essentials training and brings your skills a step further.

You are already able to code basic applications and scripts, work with a database and have a basic grip on web development with Ruby. What about all the other advantages of Ruby like Advanced Testing and Metaprogramming?

We will teach you everything you need to become and real Ruby expert. As a result you will know everything you need to master the Ruby language.

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Course content summary

Day 1:

  • Ruby Style and Best Practices
  • A closer look at Modules
  • How to build Gems

Day 2:

  • Tools that make your Ruby workflow faster and more efficient
  • Advanced Testing in Ruby
  • Metaprogramming with Ruby

Day 3:

  • Build an application that is bundled into a Gem


This training is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve his or her Ruby skills



To get the most out of the training we recommend following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of working with the shell
  • Access to a workstation for doing hands-on exercises
  • Ruby Essentials

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