Python Essentials

Our Python Essentials training is a great entry point to learn the Python programming language.

2 days

What you will learn in this training

For years, Python has been the first choice of people that are new to programming and who want to learn the basics of software development. This training will teach you all the basics that you need to know to work with Python. It will discuss the most important concepts and provide you with practical examples to become fluent in Python easily.

Our Python Essentials training helps you to use Python as your base for all programming tasks. With Python as programming language you will be able to build applications for the web, the command line and you will also be able to automate everyday tasks in scripts.

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Course content summary

Day 1:

  • What is Python?
  • Setting up Python on your workstation
  • Writing your first Python program
  • Getting to know Python data types
  • Math with Python
  • Getting input from users
  • Functions
  • Boolean logic

Day 2:

  • Control structure
  • Loops
  • Object-oriented programming with Python
  • Classes and Modules
  • Extending Python
  • Best-practices in Python


This training is designed for:

  • Software Developers that want to start learning Python
  • Software Developers that want to use Python for scripting or developing web applications



To get the most out of the training we recommend following prerequisites:

  • Linux systems on your computer
  • Knowledge of working with the shell

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