Jenkins Essentials

This training will help you to automate your IT workflows with Jenkins.

2 days

What you will learn in this training

Jenkins, the most widely used Continuous Integration software, will be introduced in this training. It provides you with mechanisms that let you automate testing processes on newly committed code, improve code quality and handle the deployment of your code. No manual steps required!

In our Jenkins Essentials training you will learn how to setup Jenkins, how to integrate it into your development pipeline and how to use Jenkins to give you feedback on the code you are writing.

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Course content summary

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Get to know Jenkins
  • The Jenkins dashboard
  • What are jobs?
  • Creating your first build job with Jenkins
  • Using plugins in Jenkins
  • Using Jenkins with Git
  • What are pipelines?

Day 2:

  • Writing jobs “as code”
  • Introduction to Groovy
  • Reporting with Jenkins
  • Integrating Jenkins into your Git Server
  • Distributed builds
  • Jenkins security basics
  • How to setup Jenkins


This training is designed for:

  • System-, Cloud-Administrators and Developers that want to reduce time spent on deployment and testing
  • System-, Cloud-Administrators and Developers that want to increase test coverage



To get the most out of the training we recommend following prerequisites:

  • Linux systems on your computer
  • Knowledge of working with the shell

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