Infrastructure Testing Essentials

Learn how to test your infrastructure and automate your daily testing tasks.

2 days

What you will learn in this training

Testing infrastructure can be a daunting task. Installing needs packages, writing configuration files and then checking if everything is working fine. This includes a lot of manual labour! And how to keep up with the work if new servers can be instantly created on-demand in the cloud?

With testing tools for infrastructure you can automate the manual testing process. Lean back and just let your tests run automatically whenever you create a new server. You will never have to worry about a misconfigured server again! This knowledge can be applied to any Configuration Management tool that you are using.

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Course content summary

Day 1:

  • What ist testing?
  • Test-Driven-Development
  • Understand the testing of infrastructure
  • Infrastructure testing frameworks
  • Introduction to Test Kitchen

Day 2:

  • Using InSpec to test infrastructure
  • Introduction to Dev-Sec
  • Introduction to InSpec
  • OS hardening
  • SSH hardening
  • How to apply this in Chef/Puppet/Ansible


This training is designed for:

  • System- and Cloud-Administrators interested in using infrastructure tests to automate daily testing tasks
  • System- and Cloud-Administrators interested using automated infrastructure testing tools like InSpec



To get the most out of the training we recommend following prerequisites:

  • Linux systems on your computer
  • Knowledge of working with the shell

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